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Core competencies

MTG has a model of core competencies that it applies both to professional selection processes and to career plans, training and professional development for it’s people.

We have 8 very clear and specific key competencies:

Customer Orientation: Sensitivity and active interest to discover, feel and satisfy the needs of internal and external customers of MTG, working in an integrated and constant way for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Business vision: Knowing how to relate own position’s functions with the commercial, industrial, financial and social environments of MTG, orientating the management of self- function’s tasks in the strategic direction required, to improve the competitive position of MTG in the market.

Delegation: Establishing an atmosphere of trust and support with the assigned team, providing them with the necessary information, preparation and resources to enable them to assume ample objectives and responsibilities, as well as committing oneself personally with the obtained results.

Cooperation: Working in a constructive way with other people in order to achieve objectives, eliminating individualisms and unnecessary internal competition.

Communication: Listening and transmitting ideas in an effective way, using the adequate channel at the right time, and providing the necessary data to back up observations and conclusions made.

Creativity and Innovation: Generating ideas or feasible concepts that have not been taken into account previously and improving present processes in order to implement new projects, or possible changes, in order to give an appropriate response to problems and opportunities that might occur.

Proactivity: Identifying and recognizing problems, detecting opportunities and committing with positive actions, without waiting to be prompted by others to act.

Internationality: Having a global vision of the environment and social trends, recognizing diversity, knowing how to relate with persons from different origins, in such a way, that cooperation and value creation flows are established.



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