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MTG Systems DMet, protection and productivity for the Dredging sector

Innovative and patented MTG Systems for the Dredging sector for Cutter Dredgers and Hopper Dredgers. Complete protection solutions for the Cutter-head that increase protection and productivity even in the most extreme conditions.

cutter dredgers

Quick, easy and safe tooth replacement

The hammerless locking solution makes tooth assembly and disassembly easier, reducing your machine's downtime. The locking device is easy and safe and its use is totally intuitive, avoiding any kind of error during installation, increasing ease of replacement.

Dmet locking system

Tooth replacement can be carried out by a single operator.

Reuse of the pin. The pin can be used several times, even in the most extreme conditions.

Thanks to the vertical position of the pin, access for assembly and disassembly is easier, avoiding pin loss during tooth replacement. Following is a view of the pin in the vertical locking system:

Dmet locking system


1. Hammerless conical pin for an easier extraction.
2. Standard shaped square hole.
3. Exclusive MTGtwist retainer for DMet systems.

MTGtwist retainer


A robust, resistant and reliable system

Stabilization in all load directions make the system the most robust and resistant on the market, in the most demanding applications. The tooth-adapter fitting system contact surfaces are perpendicular to the direction of the main forces, allowing better load distribution and reducing the possible plastic deformation of the fitting system.

The large vertical and lateral stabilization surfaces in the tooth's shank reduce the hammering effect in the fitting system and protect the system from overloading, preventing breakage.

DMet teeth contact surfaces

Durability. Self-sharpening tooth design and adapters with better protection

Optimized and self-sharpening tooth design a better wear material ratio, offering the most efficient solution.

Tooth deflectors protect the adapter from wear and extend wear life. Plus, the need for any kind of protection ("chocky bars" or "hard facing") on the adapters is eliminated. Thanks to the overprotection of the adapters - considerably reducing repair and maintenance costs for the cutter head.

DMet design

Optimal functioning

The new MTG Systems DMet system minimizes the risk of tooth breakage in severe work conditions.

The smooth system design allows material to flow towards the inside of the cutter head - increasing suction efficiency and cutter head productivity.

The optimal functioning of the system, the increase in wear material in the teeth and the long duration of the adapters, reduce the vibrations from the dredger and reduce the cost/m3, increasing the system's productivity.



Product range Design Size 5 Size 7 Size 8 Size 9
Pick Point Pick Pointcutter dredgers P MD5AP MD7AP4
hopper dredgers
Pick Point with insert Pick Point with insert cutter dredgers PC - MD7APC4 - -
hopper dredgers
Chisel Chisel cutter dredgers C - MD7APC4 - -
hopper dredgers
Flared Flared cutter dredgers F MD5AF - - -
hopper dredgers
Tube Left Tube Left cutter dredgers TBL 1MD5ATBL 1MD7ATBL4 1MD8TBL 1MD9ATBL
hopper dredgers
tube right Tube Right cutter dredgers TBR 1MD5ATBR 1MD7ATBR4 1MD8TBR -
hopper dredgers
Pick Point Wing Left cutter dredgers WIL 1MD5AWIL 1MD7AWIL4S - -
hopper dredgers
Wing Right Wing Right cutter dredgers WIR 1MD5AWIR 1MD7AWIR4S - -
draga de succión
Weld on nose Weld on nose draga de succión WNL - 1MD7AWNL4 - -
hopper dredgers


Product range Description Application Size 5 Size 7 & 8 Size 9
MTG Systems DMet pin MTG Systems DMet pin Cutter dredgers Cutter dredgers 2MD5APIN 2MD7APIN 2MD9APIN
Hopper dredgers Hopper dredgers
MTG Systems DMet Retainer MTG Systems DMet RetainerCutter dredgers Cutter dredgers 2MD5ARTR 2MD7ARTR4 2MD9ARTR
Hopper dredgersHopper dredgers
Extraction Tool Extraction Tool Cutter dredgers Cutter dredgers 3MD5 3MD7-8-9
Hopper dredgers Hopper dredgers

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