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MTG Systems ProMet, bucket protection for mining machinery

MTG Systems ProMet is an innovative hammerless system for bucket protection on large mining machinery (excavator 110Tn-350Tn and mining backhoe loaders).

MTG Systems ProMet II mechanical lip shrouds for mining applications

Our range of Promet and ProMet II mechanical lip shrouds for excavators and mining loaders have an improved and optimized design that provides greater bucket protection and ensures better performance with large machines. The Promet and ProMet II range use the MTGtwist hammerless locking system that allow for perfect locking for the most aggressive applications with the utmost safety.

Lip Shrouds for loaders
New mechanical shrouds specifically designed for loaders.
Lip Shrouds for excavators
New lip design for excavators

Maximization of the amount of wear material
The new design of ProMet II blade shrouds has been optimized based on use in excavators or loaders to offer up to 30% more wear material as compared to the equivalent model of our competitors.

It protects the bucket, increasing its wear life
Reduces the exposure of the blade to impacts and abrasions, increasing the useful life of the bucket.

Longer Wear Life
With the new ProMet II blade shrouds, the front of the shroud contains between 10% and 20% more steel.

New locking system for easier and faster assembly.
The locking system only requires welding a base for each shroud, making installation easy and quick while reducing machine downtimes.

ProMet blade locking system
1. Only one weldable base required.
2. Mechanical locking block.
3. MTGtwist retainer made of Elastomet and polyurethane.
4. MTGtwist hammerless pin.
5. Plug to prevent the square hole becoming filled with soil, saving cleaning time during disassembly.

MTG Systems ProMet incorporates the MTGtwist locking solution which offers:
Safety: No hammer is required preventing accidents when assembling and disassembling.
Comfort: less effort is required than with traditional systems with a hammer.
Easier and faster: changing the elements of the system can be completed much easier and more quickly.
Excellent retention: the pin retention system always keeps the pin in its initial position, completely preventing losing the shrouds.


Compatibility with StarMet tooth adapters
The new generation of ProMet II can only be installed with the new generation of StarMet tooth adapters, thus avoiding any possible interferences between the systems:

ProMet vs StarMet compatibility table:

StarMet Adapter reference Date of order PROMET II PROMET
1MA-size-WC < 2012 NO YES
1MA-size-WC + one digit
1MA-size-WC + blade thickness in mm > 2013 YES YES

Interferences while
assembling are avoided

Compatibility with ProMet
For design reasons, most references are not compatible between the two designs.
The compatibility table can be found below:

ProMet II vs ProMet compatibility table

Size Description PROMET PROMET II Compatibility Notes
70 - 90 Weld-on base 1MX100/140WB 1MX70-90WB-A NO -
Mechanical block 1MX100/140MB 1MX70-90MB-A NO -
Pin 2MX100/140PR 2MX70/90PR-A NO -
Retainer 2MX70/140R 2MX70/90R-A NO -
Tool 3MTWIST X2 3MTWIST X2 YES Same tool

Size Description PROMET PROMET II Compatibility Notes
100 - 140 Weld-on base 1MX100/140WB 1MX100-140WB-A NO -
Mechanical block 1MX100/140MB 1MX100-140MB-A NO -
Pin 2MX100/140PR 2MX100/140PR-A NO -
Retainer 2MX70/140R 2MX100/140R-A YES Only reference changes
Tool 3MTWIST X2 3MTWIST X2 YES Same tool

NOTE: The Promet references 4MX70C240,4MX100LD290,4MX100C290, 4MX100RD290, 4MX120LD410, 4MX120C410, 4MX120RD410, 4MX140LD420, 4MX140C420 4MX140RD420 will continue to be available on request and will continue to be sold at sites where the old StarMet adapters are installed.



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