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New ProMet shrouds for loaders 22-10-2019

We have expanded our range of shrouds for 75mm lip loaders by adding new references.

To cover the different loader configurations, we have added an additional width to the family of 75mm lip shrouds. In this case, they are 380mm wide Cat* 992 loaders, and both the central and lateral versions. The lip’s delta angle is 15º, like in the existing 75mm shrouds version.

In this way, we guarantee a comprehensive lip protection, avoiding areas exposed to wear. Like with the remainder of the MTG Systems ProMet range, the wear material is distributed in an optimum manner, especially reinforced in the lower part of the shroud due to being loaders. Additionally, to improve handling, the elevation rings have been reinforced.

The following table contains a list of the approved references:


Reference Description Size / Width
4MXL75C380-A Central shroud 75 / 380mm
4MXL75L380-15A Left shroud 75 / 380mm
4MXL75R380-15A Right shroud 75 / 380mm
4MXL75C425-A Central shroud 75 / 425mm
4MXL75L455-15A Left shroud 75 / 455mm
4MXL75R455-15A Right shroud 75 / 455mm


(*) METALOGENIA, S.A. is not the proprietor of the brands identified by an asterisk, and these are mentioned herein solely for the purposes of identifying the destination of the products, there existing no link between the company and the legitimate proprietors of any such brands.


We have expanded our range of shrouds for 75mm lip loaders.

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